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Avian Care

Wellness and sick exams for birds

Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida is dedicated to providing comprehensive veterinary care for birds in the Central Florida and Greater Orlando area. We understand that birds have unique healthcare needs, and regular veterinary visits are essential for ensuring their long-term health and well-being.

Many bird owners may be surprised to learn that birds require regular wellness exams, just like other pets. These visits are crucial for preventing illness and addressing any health concerns before they become serious issues. During a wellness exam, our experienced avian veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination of your bird and discuss important topics such as nutrition, housing, behavior, grooming, and environmental enrichment.

The first visit is particularly important for new bird owners. As soon as you bring your bird home, we recommend scheduling a wellness exam to establish a baseline of health and address any questions or concerns you may have. During this initial visit, we will conduct diagnostic tests as needed to assess your bird's health and detect any underlying issues that may require treatment.

What to Expect

Every visit begins with a thorough physical examination. During this exam, the veterinarian will:

  • Record your bird’s weight, general appearance and mobility
  • Palpate various parts of the bird’s body
  • Listen to your bird’s heart and lungs
  • Trim wings, nails, or beak if recommended
  • Note any abnormalities or changes that have occurred since the previous visit

At Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida in Sanford, FL, we understand the importance of routine grooming and preventative care for birds. During your bird's wellness exam, our veterinarian will discuss the importance of grooming, including trimming nails, wings, and, if necessary, the beak.

A healthy beak typically doesn't require trimming, but it's essential to evaluate it during the exam to prevent potential problems in the future. If any issues are detected, such as overgrowth or misshapenness, we can perform a beak trim using a Dremel to reshape it back to proper function.

For birds that require wing trimming, we can schedule routine grooming appointments throughout the year to keep their wings trimmed for safety and prevent flight. Additionally, regular nail trims help ensure comfortable perching and reduce the risk of snagging and breaking nails.

Depending on the findings of the exam, our veterinarian may recommend additional testing to maintain your bird's health. This may include fecal and throat swabs, DNA sex determination using a small blood sample, or comprehensive blood work to assess for anemia, calcium deficiencies, liver and kidney function, and possible infections.

Sex Determination

If you're curious about your bird's gender, we offer simple sex determination testing using a blood drop from a toenail. This information can be valuable for behavioral considerations and monitoring reproductive health.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (407) 833-8868. We look forward to meeting you and your bird!

Avian Care

Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida